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by Justin Nunes, | AIM Passport Short-Term Missionary | Destiny Assessment Training

A Desk, Wi-Fi & Espresso Machine

This past week, I spent most of the week in a Remax office. “A Remax office, why? Are you not in Costa Rica serving the community? Are you not supposed to be supporting local ministries? Why would you spend so many hours in a place of business? You could do that back home and make money for your future.” Let me answer your questions.
I spent this past week at Hannah Fletcher’s Remax office, the founder and leader of Ocean’s Edge Ministries. The purpose for my time in her office had nothing to do with real estate. Rather it had everything to do with editing and fine-tuning project Hannah has been developing for years – the Divine Destiny Assessment. Her office was simply a conduit for our work; it had all of the tangibles we needed, a desk, Wi-Fi and an espresso machine, listed in increasing order of importance.

The Divine Destiny Assessment

This assessment is similar in function to any personality assessment you may have taken previously, such as the Myers-Briggs test. In contrast, the Divine Destiny Assessment differs markedly in purpose. The purpose, stated or inherent, of most personality tests is to define, group, and categorize the various personalities that God has created, and through this method, better understand the world in which we live.

The Divine Destiny Assessment flows from a distinct perspective. Instead of observing the world, discovering how God created it and applying it to our lives, this assessment starts with what The Lord says about the world and its people in the Bible, then applies His truth to our lives and the world. Through His Spirit, God has gifted Hannah to create a unique method to apply our individual and distinct personalities.

The Spiritual Gifts

The Bible defines the spiritual gifts that God has given us. Some of these are innate, or motivational, by nature and largely define our overall personality. Some gifts grow with spiritual maturity as we nurture our faith. Finally, some gifts are enhanced by God at specific times to accomplish a task or goal to which we have been called. Each individual’s unique combination of these gifts comprise his or her personality. The Divine Destiny Assessment seeks to gauge each person’s composition of these gifts, then encourage him or her to be confident in those gifts that are strongest and cultivate those that are weakest in their personality.

As I worked with Hannah to develop the Destiny Assessment training material, I grew immensely in my understanding of the spiritual gifts, as well as how they apply to people and relationships. We discussed how the specific make up God gave me applies to my passions and to my relationships with others. She gently made it very evident that I still have plenty of room for growth, as we all do, and helped me create tangible and attainable goals to strive for. As Hannah taught me about my personality composition, she also instructed me in the way she encourages others to grow through this assessment. Together, along with a lovely teammate named Ashley, we created the first final draft of the Divine Destiny Assessment teaching guide.

Destiny Assessment Training Ocean Edge Justin Nunes

Destiny Assessment Training

The following weekend, women from El Salvador and the northernmost province of Costa Rica arrived to Jacó for a leadership conference. We used this teaching guide and our newfound expertise in part to help these women grow in their understanding of the Destiny Assessment Training Program which is basically mobilizing others to use their spiritual gifts. It was an awesome and irreplaceable experience to come full circle in a week. From learning and growing through Hannah to teaching and seeing growth in these women, it was an amazing experience to be involved in. I am excited to continue to invest and further develop the Divine Destiny Assessment with Hannah, and to encourage others to pursue their divine personality through this assessment. We all can become the people that God created us to be, but we first need to submit to Him everything that we are. This assessment is a big step in the right direction. #DivineDestinyDevotedPaths

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Guidance Spiritual Gifts 

Leader | Leadership | Apostle | Wisdom | Pastor | Shepherd

Communication Spiritual Gifts

Encourager | Exhortation | Faith | Evangelist | Teacher

Navigation Spiritual Gifts

Administrator | Prophet | Knowledge | Discernment

Support Spiritual Gifts

Service | Helps | Giver | Intercessor | Prayer | Mercy

Other Spiritual Gifts

Artistry | Hospitality | Music–Vocal | Music–Instrumental | Skilled Crafts | Writing Service Ideas |

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