Ocean’s Edge Internship Program

About The OE Internship Program

The Ocean’s Edge Internship Program is centered around our belief that the abundant life Jesus offered through His redeeming work is best experienced as God’s Word is holistically embraced:

Oceans Edge Holistic Lifestyle Christian Spiritual Training Internships Spiritually: As warriors, constantly growing in knowledge, wisdom and purity for the glory of God

Oceans Edge Holistic Lifestyle Christian Relationship Training Internships Relationally: As a catalyst of God’s love, grace and truth in the lives of others

Oceans Edge Holistic Lifestyle Christian Ministry Training Internships Ministry: As a part of a world movement that grows God’s kingdom here on earth

Oceans Edge Holistic Lifestyle Christian Career Training Internships Professionally: As an example of excellence, eternal focus and Godly values in the workplace

Oceans Edge Holistic Lifestyle Christian Physical Training Internships Physically: As a good steward of their physical bodies through a healthy Christ-centered lifestyle

Oceans Edge Holistic Lifestyle Christian Financial Training and Internships Financially: As trustworthy stewards and joyful givers

Our heart is to see others reach their God-given potential in each of these areas so that they can positively impact their local church, community and the world for God’s glory.

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Find YOUR God-Given Potential

The Ocean’s Edge Internship program is designed to help participants find their divine destiny and learn how to create and maintain a ministry lifestyle throughout their lifetime. As a part of this Bible-based program, interns will take a spiritual gifting and personality assessment designed specifically to help them see how they are uniquely created and equipped by God for a distinct purpose.

Each individual will then learn how to apply their unique tendencies, traits, abilities, spiritual gifts and passions to serve God and love others. Through mentoring, discipleship, training, and hands-on ministry, interns will be encouraged towards a healthy Christ-centered ministry lifestyle and will be equipped with the tools to cultivate the strengths of others.

“Glorify the LORD with us; Let’s exalt his name together.” Ps. 34:3.

The Experience: Working On The Edge

The Ocean’s Edge base, The Edge, is  tucked away in the center of the small beachfront town of Jaco, Costa Rica. The property boasts several staff/intern apartments and hostel-style bunkrooms where interns will live.

Jaco itself is filled with sand, surf and beautiful culture, and is surrounded by the ocean, mountains and jungle! While there are examples of God’s beauty everywhere you look, darkness has also gripped the town through mass tourism, sex-trafficking, theft, drunkenness & drugs. But the Lord is shining His light on this town, and we see Him moving in big ways.

Ocean’s Edge ministers hand in hand with the local church by providing teams and interns to serve in the community. Needs are met through the various ministries that the church supports, and every day brings a new opportunity to impact the town. Construction projects, homeless feedings, ministry in the pregnancy center, community clean-up, prayer walks, business classes, children’s camps and outreach programs, serving at the church, tutoring and English classes are just some of the examples of the ongoing needs here in Jaco. Each day, discipleship and mentoring are woven together with hands-on experience to aid interns in cultivating a ministry lifestyle in a tangible way. Because we never know what needs the day may hold, flexibility is key.

Want to see photos of our base and rooms? Click here.

The Process: Apply Today

Complete the Internship Program Application below. We will review your application and will respond to your request within a week’s time. If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest in our program!

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