Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas

Spiritual gifts | Service ideas to be a supernatural blessing

Our unique combination of spiritual gifts serve as indicators leading us to a clear picture of our Divine Destiny.  God’s heart can be seen in so many ways as walk this journey out with Him and discover our purpose on this earth.  Still, we must guard from the most common temptation.  Our desire to be used by God can never be a replacement for our desire to know Him. And this is eternal life: to know (to perceive, recognize, become acquainted with, and understand) You, the only true and real God (John 17:3 AMP, emphasis mine).

Even in God’s service we will have ups and downs, times of drought and times of supernatural fruitfulness. Like the seasons, life is constantly changing and giving us opportunities to grow. In winter our roots get stronger and in spring we see new life bud. If our devotion to God is attached to these seasons in ministry and our circumstances, we will run the risk of being in a constant state of frustration, misjudging our value and even possibly misjudging God Himself.  If you feel you need to re-center, see the destiny assessment intro.

Remember that no matter who you are, where you are or what you have been through, God has been–and will always be–by your side. He is totally in love with you and promises to continue the work that he has started in you. He designed you to reflect Him in a very special way which can be a supernatural blessing to others. If you are not sure what your gifting are, stop here and take the free assessment. May God bless you as you draw closer to Him and bless others with the overflow!

Spiritual gift Definitions

Guidance Spiritual Gifts  Leader | Leadership | Apostle | Wisdom | Pastor | Shepherd

Communication Spiritual Gifts Encourager | Exhortation | Faith | Evangelist | Teacher

Navigation Spiritual Gifts Administrator | Prophet | Knowledge | Discernment

Support Spiritual Gifts Service | Helps | Giver | Intercessor | Prayer | Mercy

GUIDANCE GIFT CLUSTER | Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas

Spiritual Gifts Leader Leadership Service IdeasLeader | Leadership

Director and planning committees of ministry projects, special events and/or programs (e.,g. youth group, camps, outreach, children’s ministry, women or men ministries, other specialized ministries), leading small groups, mentor/ discipleship, head or teaching pastor, elder, business as missions Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Leadership

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Spiritual Gift Apostle | Where Divine Destiny Meets Devoted PathsApostle

pioneer new ministries and churches, consultant for projects, elder, mentor, strategy/vision casting, big picture planning and development committees, overseer of ministry/outreach projects, leadership training/care, head pastor, mission director or team member Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Apostleship

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Spiritual Gift Wisdom ServiceWisdom

Big Picture Planning & development committees, Support Group Leader, Ministry Leadership Teams, Bible study group leader, Elder, Mentor/Discipleship, Councilor, Leadership Training, Conflict Resolution, Church Accountability Read More about the Spiritual Gift Wisdom.

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Spiritual Gift Pastor PastoringPastor | Shepherd

director of Relational ministries (care-groups, Children’s ministry, small groups/ home fellowships, men/women bible studies, singles, youth, etc.), Head or Teaching Pastor, Elder, Mentor/Discipleship, Overseer of staff, Counselor, Deacon/-ness, Encourager, Implementer, Disbursement of resources and supplies, prayer, researcher, New
Member Care, Help Hotline intervention Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Pastoring and Shepherding

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COMMUNICATION GIFT CLUSTER | Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas

Encourager Communication Spiritual Gift ClustersEncourager | Exhortation

Care-group leader, Crisis Responder, Mentor/Discipleship, connect groups, Help Hotline intervention, Greeter, Ushers, Host for Visitors and groups, Speaker, Advocate for Missions, Missionary care, Marketing, Promoter Read More about the Spiritual Gift of encouragement

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Spiritual Gift Faith Communication ClusterFaith

Outreach ministries (i.e. community service, hospital visits, Bible distribution, church planter, Special projects, newsletters, blog writer), Prayer ministries (i.g. Project provision, Corporate prayer meetings, healing ministry), Long Range Planning/Consultant, Strategic Planning, Elder, Head or Teaching Pastor, Finance Team Member, Teacher/Bible study leader Read More about the Spiritual Gift Faith

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Spiritual Gift EvanelistEvangelist

Head of outreach/ evangelism teams, community service, hospital visits, special events, newsletters, blog writer, community visitations, inner city ministry, homeless ministry, invitation counselor, missionary, one-on-one witness, prison ministry, street evangelism, tract distribution), Visitor follow-up (letters, phone calls, visits), web evangelism, Evangelism Method Teacher, Public Speaker, advertising and marketing Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Evangelist

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Spiritual Gift Teacher TeachingTEACHER

Bible study leader, mentor/discipleship leader, corporate teacher, scripture education, Teaching (e.g. sermons, short exhortations, Sunday school classes, new membership classes, training in any area of the Church), Homeschool support, Tutor, special needs ministries Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Teaching.

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NAVIGATION GIFT CLUSTER | Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas

Spiritual Gift Administrator | Where Divine Destiny Meets Devoted PathsADMINISTRATOR

Director of Christian education, staff placement, staff-support, Administrative assistant, Children’s ministry(e.g. camp director, Sunday school overseer, children’s coordinator, VBS director), special education coordinator, Assessment of Church needs (e.g. receive/organize prayer requests, assign roles for events, organize church events, church communication and activities) Organize church sevice & ministries (e.g. coffee station, communion  rotation, church directory, local outreach, logistics of missions& short-term teams, organize meals for sick or new mothers, receiving or sending short-term teams) assist with building committee, Donations & financial organization Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Administrator

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spiritual gift prophet prophecyPROPHET

prayer meeting leader, teaching Scripture, teaching theology, church accountability, sermons, short exhortations, teaching, conflict resolution, homeless ministry, recovery ministry, Pastor support, counselor Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Prophet

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Spiritual Gift KnowledgeKNOWLEDGE

Bible study leader, Mentor/discipleship, church helper, Membership class teacher, Equipping new believers, teaching & training for any church positions, church library coordinator, pastor ans deacon nomination, Church goals and strategy Planning, Congregation Council Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Knowledge

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spiritual gift discernmentDISCERNMENT

Assessment of church body’s health, consultant, evaluation & accountability of doctrine, theology, and purity in the church, prayer team, counseling, mentor/discipleship, Congregation Council, Strategy & goals of the church, Social Ministry Team (e.g. greeter, evangelism, outreach events, new member follow-ups), recovery ministry, spiritual protection of the church Faith outreach ministries (e.g., community service, hospital visits, Bible distribution, church planter, Special projects, newsletters, blog writer), Prayer ministries (e.g., project provision, corporate prayer meetings, healing ministry), long-range planning/consultant, strategic planning, elder, head or teaching pastor, finance team member, teacher/Bible study leader Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Discernment

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SUPPORT GIFT CLUSTER | Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas

Spiritual Gift Service Support ClusterSERVICE | HELPS

Weekly service needs(e.g. church website/data entry, newsletters, P.A./sound system technician, recording and taping church services, Child Care & Sunday school, Kitchen Cleaning Team, Providing Transportation, weekly ministries, church cleaning/construction, homeless feeding, serving at church pot-lucks. Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Service and Helps

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Spiritual Gift Giver Giving Support ClusterGIVER

Lead fundraising initiatives, donate to special projects, counselors, finance & support missions, serving the church (e.g. pack food boxes, host teams for meals, voice for other needs in church, hospitality outreach, food & clothing distribution, greeter), Serving the church body (e.g. emergency child-care, emergency shelter, baby-sit for couples, host small groups, help special needs, support-group, transportation to needs-doctors/store, financial assistance) Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Giving

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Spiritual Gift IntercessorINTERCESSOR | PRAYER

support through prayer(e.g Prayer walk, Prayer Families, prayer team, lead prayer for missions, prayer through spiritual warfare, committed prayer for ministries & church leaders, prayer counselor), Prayer Partner, teach on interceding, spiritual protection of the church. Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Intercessor | Prayer

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Spiritual Gift Mercy Support CllusterMERCY

Greeter, Benevolence ministry (Providing meal for the sick, new born parents, etc.; emergency shelter, food & clothing distribution; transportation to services, doctors, store; emergency child-care, cards/flowers for special occasions, financial assistance), mercy ministries (i.g. homeless, prison ministry, crisis pregnancy centers, special needs ministries, supportgroups etc.), visitations, pray ministry Read More about the Spiritual Gift of Mercy

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Other Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas


event decorations, murals (e.g., on kids Sunday school walls, evangelistic murals in the community); Arts and Craft Camps or Projects, drama, puppetry, film/photography work, decorating team, set/props design team, elderly care and outreach, kids ministries, dance ministries


greeter/usher, new member care, host social events, host bible studies, visitor information reception desk, banquet server, fellowship time host/server, entertaining guest (e.g., speakers, missionaries)


church worship leader/member, music outreach ministry, vocal ensemble, special events music, Sunday school song leader, vacation bible school song leader, elderly home outreach


Church worship band leader/member, music outreach ministry, special event music, vacation Bible school, music program, elderly home outreach

Skilled Crafts:  

audio & visual technician & repair, service ministries & outreach (e.g., building maintenance, property upkeep, electrical, masonry, plumbing, roofing, mechanical repair, auto maintenance), computer maintenance, web-page developer

Writing Service Ideas:

ministry and outreach newsletter/blog writer, editor (ministry publications, programs and events), public relations, marketing and advisement /publicity committee, letter writing, ministry blogs and website content, online devotional

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See the other Gifts in the Gift-Cluster Categories 

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