Ocean’s Edge | Operations Internships

Operations Director

  • Managing & Coordinate OEM Calendar & Activities (Schedule, set agenda, record minutes) 
    • Weekly Leadership team meetings (All Directors + Staff)  
      • Keep updated needs list for programs 
      • Managing scheduling of ministry programs 
    • Quarterly Family Meetings (Directors, Staff and Volunteer) 
    • Annual Board Meetings (only Board Members) 
      • Collecting report material from all program directors 
  • Database management 
    • Personnel database 
      • Collect & file applications   
    • Sphere (social media, past trips, etc.) 
    • Supporters 
  • Supporter Care 
    • Quarterly Newsletter 
    • Thank you notes 
  • General Admin 
    • Manage One note 
    • Collect reports for New Horizon 
    • Track stock of office supplies and place orders when necessary 
    • Data Management 
  • Manage Administration Intern 

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  • Assist with daily administrative duties 
  • Create and update records and databases 
  • Assist in managing the flow of paperwork 
  • Assist and facilitate staff projects as necessary 

Providing logistical support for participants 

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