Blessing God | The True LORD of Lords

Blessing God | Obligation vs Privilege

For the longest time, blessing God felt like an obligation hanging over my head.  With it, came an overwhelming sense that God was disappointed with me.  It seemed obvious that with His list of do’s and don’ts came His disappointment with my poor attempts to meet them.  Afterall, with such high standards, how could it ever be possible to please the Maker of the universe. 

I now realize that my view of His character and strength was skewed.  Somewhere along the way, I adopted a picture of a distant, irritable and needy God.  In my worship of this false God, I felt the temptation to give up and accept defeat.  At first, I resisted, willing myself to obey.  I now realize even my Divine Creator wants me to be free from this kind of religious bondage.

The true God of the bible is much bigger that I could ever imagine. He cannot be tamed, contained or explained.  Yet, He graciously revels Himself to us. He is described as the highest power that ever was, a solid unchangeable rock, self-sufficient in every way, all knowing, perfect and complete. He created the world and everything in it.  His presence is everywhere, all the time.  

Bowing Down Lifting up

Bowing Down & Lifting Up

It is good to stop and calmly consider the opportunity we are presented with.  In awesome wonder, I resolve that he sees all my imperfections and knows full well that I am unnecessary.  Though humbling, these truths intertwine in a spectacular fashion painting a breath-taking picture of God moving toward me freely with an extravagant love.  His motivation for pursuing me has no trace of obligation or logic.  He doesn’t need me; He wants me.

God is not asking us to be one of His minions.  He is proposing that we do life with Him.  Through the offering of His gracious forgiveness I am instantly made right with Him.  By the ultimate Judge’s word, it is finished.  In that moment, without any need for extra community service hours, I am counted justified and valued.

We have nothing to say that is not already known, nothing to add or give that was not first given to us.  Regardless, the LORD of lords is a giver and a sharer of good things; namely Himself.  Not only does He have a plan to give us life and life to the fullest but he also never leaves us, supports us through every up and down, and provides for even the unseen needs.    

I worship Him because in my lowest state, He graciously spoke truth and righteousness over me.  (Ps 147:6-8)  He shows Himself to me even though I know He does not need to be seen by me.  And amazingly, His heart is blessed by my acts of worship and by my tributes of praise.

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