The Edge Ministry Base | Jaco Beach Costa Rica

We have been so blessed as we watch God moving on The Edge Ministry Base in Jaco Beach Costa Rica.  We invite you to come along with us on this incredible venture in faith!

The Edge Ministry Base | Jaco, Costa Rica

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The Edge Missions Base is located in the heart of Jaco Beach, Costa Rica and is managed by Ocean’s Edge Ministries. The Edge is held in a Costa Rican corporation with an overseeing legal board. The board is committed to supporting and facilitating local ministries and cross-cultural missions. They exist to assure the property is solely dedicated to non-profit missions work, bible-based training and programs that will have a positive impact on the world, through Jesus Christ.

In order for you to truly begin to imagine the blessing, victory and miracle of The Edge Ministry Base, we need to take you back to 2003.  Hannah Fletcher, Founder of Ocean’s Edge explains:

The Edge Jaco Beach Costa Rica Ministry Base2003 2006“There was a group of faith-filled believers that dared to look past the reputation of Jaco Beach and hear God’s heart.  We knew that He not only wanted to redeem the town known as the “Sodom & Gomorra” of Costa Rica, but He wanted to be glorified in it.  We all gathered our pennies together, God multiplied them, and it became our deposit on the ministry base.  The day I moved onto the property, April 12, 2003, I remember sitting on the porch with my dog on my side just looking out to the empty lot.  I imagined all the possibilities and dreamed of having a discipleship training school. Missions teams from Christian Surfers and Churches across the States came to help.  Together we were laying a foundation, claiming territory and battling side by side, yet it was God who was the obvious hero.”

The purchase contract for The Edge was signed for $89,000 USD.  It included 866.21 sq. m. (9,323.81 sq. ft.) of land, two small tear-down homes and a ridiculous amount of potential.  The seller receiving a small deposit of only $10,000 USD and they financed the remaining amount.

Years passed with both hardships and blessings, lives were changed and the property peacefully passed from one ministry to another to carry the torch.  Many ministries, missions groups and individuals have called the Edge home and utilized the facilities.  In 2007, the original vision started budding new life in the name of Ocean’s Edge.

Committed to a Ministry Lifestyle

The Edge Jaco Beach Costa Rica Ministry Base 2007 2015

Jesus came so that we may overflow with abundant life and shine in a way that romances others to a loving relationship with their Creator.  This is our mission!  And it is a lifestyle, not a special calling, a position in a church or a title on a ministry website. God uniquely created each of us to shine. The way He uniquely designed us is our personal treasure map leading us to our destiny.  Our heart is to help mobilize others to this life to the full.

The past few years have been full of movement and overflow. The time for talking and dreaming quickly accelerated into a sprint.  It was time to dive into the pioneering phase again and WOW! Every step we took forward, God was there, as if to cheer us on as we responded in faith to His call!  Over and over again, He took our baby steps and made them victorious.

We have been blessed beyond explanation by God’s love, grace and peace.  Ocean’s Edge and the Christian Body is making a unified, noticeable and positive impact on our community and beyond. The base is currently facilitating the Ocean’s Edge Ministries including the Divine Destiny program and camps, Business and Art School, Internship Program and more.

The Edge Ministry Base | Long-term Vision

Our long-term vision is to maintain a self-supported, fully-equipped center available to host missions teams, interns and ministries.  The master plan includes:

a. The Edge Ministry Base Jaco Beach Costa RicaTwo commercial units with street frontage: This retail space will be used to open and run model businesses for the business school and for outreach programs in the town of Jaco Beach. They will be a training ground for our business school participants at the same time as it generates funds to support ministry.

This is the last phase of our building project. The housing center and retail space will allow the Edge Missions Base to be self-sustaining. In the case that a profit is generated, all funds will be designated to support approved non-profit missions work and programs (e.g., sending and supporting international missionaries, business school programs, micro business start-up, etc.).

b. Large conference-style multiple purpose meeting room and art garden: Currently, we have an outdoor meeting space we like to call “The Rancho”. This area will double in size.

c. A Bed and Breakfast-style housing area: Phase one and two has almost been completed which expanded the on-site housing. Currently, the property hosts mission teams, Ocean’s Edge interns and ministry-minded locals. The existing structure can host up to 25 people in a variety of bunk rooms and studio apartments.  In 2017, the new roof covering the housing area was also completed and completely paid off! This new covering unifies the living area on the base and brings all the housing together.  It also solved a flooding issue that was created when the neighbor built a wall around his property.

The master plan of the housing area will open into a large sitting area with a welcoming community kitchen surrounded by a U-shaped building, which will include nine studio lock-off apartments, six bunk rooms and three hotel style rooms for couples or individuals.  This will increase the maximum capacity to 55 people. This will allow us to host both teams and interns at the same time without having to use expensive hotels as overflow.

The bed and breakfast will also be a training ground for students to learn a variety of skills, such as customer service, small business skills and cooking. The income generated from the school and housing will be returned to the ministry to help support missions.


How you can be involved:

PRAYER! First and foremost, please pray. Seriously! We need your prayers.  God has given us a vision that is bigger than us and we are stepping out in faith.  Pray for direction, wisdom, provision, unity and that God would call many to come, grow and go.  We are starting a prayer support newsletter.   The newsletter will include our prayer needs and progress so you can partner with us in prayer and rejoice with us as God continues to show off.  Click here to sign up.

VISIT! Next, please prayerfully ask God if He would have you partner with us beyond prayer. It would be a huge blessing if you could bring a team to help on site. We would love to host you and get you involved hands-on to see the completion of construction of The Edge Missions Base!  Click here for more information about joining or leading a missions trip to Jaco beach Costa Rica.

divinely inspired and bigger than meBECOME A LIVE DONOR! Since construction began, God has been faithfully providing to pay the workers and provide the materials. We absolutely know He will continue to be the Provider. Perhaps you will be called to be a part of the provision and bless financially to continue the building process.  We are also starting a “Live Donor” program which will allow individuals to see the construction progress by joining a weekly live cast tour.  This might be the better seat when it comes to the septic project!  If you are interested write us a massage in the form to the right of this text —->

ADOPT US!  We are praying for a group of people to adopt the upcoming construction projects by committing to monthly prayer and financial support in whatever amount.  This will give is a base budget so we can start the project and give more security to the local skilled labors that have been so good to us. If you are interested write us a massage in the form to the right of this text —-> 

We currently able to offer a tax-deductible receipt for all financial donations given in the United States.  Click here to donate online. We would also love to connect with you personally–and maybe even one day host you onsite, so don’t be shy!  If you are interested write us a massage in the form to the right of this text —->

What’s Next?  Read how God is moving and providing!

Click here to get the most current update on the construction process and funding efforts. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and years of friendship!