The Edge | 2019 Update

Jaco Beach Ministry Base

Located in the heart of Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. It exists to facilitate and support local ministry and cross-cultural missions by maintaining a ministry center dedicated to the unity of the Church and growth of God’s kingdom.  Our heart is to see others grow in their biblical knowledge and passion for God, embrace the abundant life they were freed to live through Jesus, and increase the eternal impact believers have on the local community and beyond. The vision is to be a mobilizing agent with the provision of a well-maintained and fully equipped ministry center, resources and training at minimal to no cost.

Celebrations: We are at “almost completion” of the living area/hostel! We are coming out of the finishing stage of construction. This is great because the overall feeling at the property is shifting from construction mode to people coming and feeling spoiled and loved by God, simply by being present on the property.

Currently, it is serving most in the “hosting” realm, which is an incredible space for people to grow spiritually. In the last year, we hosted 13 groups, totaling 223 people with up to 47 people at a time.  The completion of the long-term housing rooms also makes us more equipped to host long-term individuals, staff, and interns. We can now house up to 45-57 people, depending on how the group is wanting to spread out, with an AC option in all rooms.  We also have 2 pull-out couches and 2 pack & plays available. Below is the breakdown of the rooms we offer at our base:

  • 11                 (3 people): 1 bunk bed (double & twin) + shared bathroom
  • 12                 (3 people): 1 bunk bed (double & twin) + shared bathroom
  • 13                 (8 people): 4 twin bunk beds + bathroom
  • 14                 (3 people): 1 bunk bed (double & twin) + bathroom & walk-in closet
  • 15/16            (7 people): 1 full bed, twin pull out couch, 2 twin bunk beds + bathroom
  • 17/18            (8 people): 4 twin bunk beds + bathroom + kitchenette & walk-in closet
  • 21                 (2 people) 1 twin + bathroom + Kitchenette
  • 22                 (2 people) 1 queen bed + pull our coach + bathroom
  • 23                 (2 people) 1 full bed + bathroom
  • 24                 (2 people): 2 twin beds + bathroom
  • 25                 (8 people) 4 bunk beds + bathroom (2 showers)
  • 26                 (4 people) 2 bunk beds (shared bathroom)
  • 27                 (4 people) Queen +1 bunk + bathroom

The word is getting out, so more money is coming in, and God has said that this is the “year of favor,” so He is providing without us even asking for it! Thank You, Lord!

Goals/Needs: We plan on fundraising support in and for 2020.  Our goal is to pay off the construction loan and be fully funded for the “Business as Missions Facility” before we begin. 

With less teams coming up this quarter, we will have more time to dedicate to administration/systems/getting organized.

We want to celebrate more! We hosted a “New Building Dedication” this quarter and we plan to include celebration as a value and an integral part of our ministry culture.

Prayer Requests: We are praying for a Property Manager and a Marketing Manager. 

Financial support for the construction loans and “Business as Missions” facility.

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