The Edge | February 2018 Update

The Edge Ministry Base | February 2018 Update

As of February 2018, we currently have $60,000 of the $250,000 overall construction raised! The construction project is split into phases, and each phase is started as donations come in. For more information on the master plan, contact us using the form to the right.

Our hope is to raise up and send out believers with a heart to love the world as they aim to glorify God.  This is where you come in… we would love for you to join us! Our 2018 goals include:

  • * Phase III of The Living Space : 4 NEW intern apartments, removal of old roof and completion of the front of the building.  The quote for the grey work of this phase is $26,000.  We estimate that the paint, fixtures, sinks, beds, appliances etc. will cost another $5,000.  The workers are ready to go… we have $2,200 raised.
  • * A new treatment plant that is capable of handling the completed master plan of the ministry base.  This has been quoted out at $25,000 for the technology plus the labor which will be approximately an additional $5,000.
  • Fortification of the West wall: $6500.  This wall has proven to be a security issue.  It is no longer a pressing issue thanks to our new guard dog, Samson The Brave.  The wall is our long-term solution.  The quote for this project is $6,500 for completion.

*The budget for these projects total to $61,000.  As of 2/7/2018 we have raised $3,400.

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