Deep Authentic & Unconditional Love

The desire to love and be loved is rooted deep in our inner beings.  We all seek a safe place to connect and be fully known through intimate personal relationship.  Ideally, we would be able to be honest about our darkest imperfections and mistakes without being held captive by them.

In our most unlovable state, the Bible tells us that God never questions His love for us.  This is great news and quite the opposite of what the world tells us.  Contrary to what we may believe or feel, He promises to never leave us.  This truth gives us the freedom to be authentic about our current state including our brokenness and failures.  He does not define our identity based on them.

If we were drunks like Noah, adulteress’ like Rahab or murderers like David, God’s love would remain. With Him, there is always an invitation for a divine encounter right where we are.  This is the one unique thing about the God of the Bible.  He does not demand that we “be holy” to come to Him. By grace, we can be raw and vulnerable as we accept God’s unconditional affection and devotion. 

His intentions for us are based on His character, not our performance.  With this heart comes the invitation to “be holy”.  He will never give up on His mission to love all of us into His kingdom and gift us with the abundant life He has set before us.  The only thing we must questions in our own willingness to accept.

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