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The Destiny Assessment

An Inventory of God’s Fingerprint on Your Life.

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We are so excited to see how God has blessed you with a unique set of gifts and clear calling to be a light in this world.  Below you will find a number of questions but relax; this is not a test. Instead it is an inventory of a what God is doing in and through you. The results to your assessment should serve as a tool to help you dream about the positive impact you can make on your world.

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Now let's discover your divine destiny!  

Remember: This is not a test. Guard yourself from making any moral or cultural judgements on the two extremes. In this inventory, everything from 10 to 1 is considered positive qualities that balance each other out. This should help you, answer according to what is true of you naturally; no matter the circumstance, instead of what you wish was or feel should be more true. Use this time to celebrate the unique combination of qualities that make you amazing!  Have fun 🙂

Rank yourself between 1-10 for each of the following questions. 

(10= Consistently to frequently true & 1=Infrequently to rarely true)

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