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Passport Team

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Different ages, places, Perspectives

Different people and teams are always coming and staying at The Edge property. It is always fun having more people at the property. I love meeting people of different ages, from different places, with varying perspectives on things. Currently we have a Passport team from Adventures and missions living at The Edge for a month and a half.


Having this Passport team here has been extra special, because I myself first came to Costa Rica on a Passport team in January of this year. As I’ve written about in previous posts, the trip was one of the best and most influential things that ever happened to me. (Read more about that here) And now God has called me to help facilitate a similar experience for this team.

Full Circle

I am humbled and honored that I now get to serve on the receiving end of things. It’s amazing to see how God brings things full circle. Often this comes in the form of using the things and experiences that have had the most impact on my life (positive or negative) to bring light and wisdom to others.

Opportunity to Pay it Forwardpassport team, Adventures in missions, christian internship, horizon church, oceans edge, jaco beach, costa rica, jaco, team, mentorship, discipleship

I remember how I felt coming to serve in Costa Rica for the first time. I didn’t know where anything was, I spoke almost no Spanish, and just overall felt lost. The amazing leaders around me guided me through all of these things. Soon enough Jaco became my home. Now I have the honor and privilege of showing people the ropes of this town, language, and culture that I have come to love so much.

Not only did my leaders guide me in learning about the culture and town, but spiritually as well. Each week I received mentoring from one of the Elders of the Church. Now him and I are mentoring together! It has been such a cool opportunity to pay it forward!

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Rediscovering Relationships 

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Rediscovering Relationships in Costa Rica and Beyond

by Ashley Labella| AIM Passport Short-Term Missionary | Rediscovering Relationships

“When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you be asked to be taken to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not. What will matter most then are people. If relationships will matter most then. Shouldn’t they matter most now?” -Max Lucado

My team and I are quickly rolling past our half way point here with Oceans Edge in Jacó. In this time we have been blessed with the opportunity to “step back into reality”, away from distraction, overwhelming busyness and other typical comforts of home. We are loving and growing in a culture where relationships take reign as most important again.

We are all incredibly grateful to be living and learning in such connection, knowing that it is not always the easiest to attain in our home cultures, where we are not living constantly with 17 other human beings. Because of these living conditions, we must shake ourselves awake daily, to be in a constant state of “others-focused” awareness. But wow, what a blessing that is. To have a reminder every single morning as you wake up next to five others, that relationships are the priority, not just on the mission field, but always.

Time Spent Rediscovering Relationships

rediscovering relationships Oceans edgeTime spent out in the community has offered us this same reminder,  as we attempt broken Spanglish conversations with locals, watching their eyes light up with authentic joy, all just because we remembered their name… and better yet, how to pronounce it.

Our time spent with the locals reminds us of how painfully easy it is to show someone how deeply loved they are. Whether that means buying a sun-soaked security guard a cold soda or sitting next to a homeless woman to remind her that she is seen.

Whether on our property as a team or out in the community, we are learning to fall in love with people again, and are being blessed with the simple, yet fulfilling feeling of joy that comes as a result.

Our ministry base, Oceans Edge has been challenging us in our relationship-focused service, knowing that regardless of where we are living, whether on a mission trip or at home, we all face the same temptation: to be complacent and comfortable. Oceans Edge, while they teach us the value in resting, also teaches the danger in growing accustomed.

Being accustomed can appear as small, seemingly unharmful changes, but that can form patterns that are lasting and hard to break. Once tear-filled, grateful prayers can slowly become routine rituals to check off and get done. Relationships get put on the back burner simply because they can..because they have no pressing deadline. Because they can always be pushed off to later. We over time, suddenly have “no time” to marvel anymore, becoming suddenly unimpressed by the bright red and orange hued sunset right beyond our window shade.

So Accustomed That We Forget How Extremely Temporary Life Is

This week, to remind us of this temporary and beautiful life in front of us, Oceans Edge posed several questions to us all, that are beneficial to everyone, regardless of their walk of life. The questions are designed to help us look right at the face of time, to envision the day when that time runs out, and to then return back to our current lives with the most powerful intention to live. Almost as if we had already seen our entire life pass before our eyes and faced each of the potential regrets stuck on our hearts.

The questions posed were:

  1. What legacy do you want to leave on that last day? What do you want others to speak of you?
  2. Imagine it was your last day. What would you advise your current self now of?
  3. What do you need to prioritize in order to live out that advise to your current self? What goals can you set to get there?
  4. Are there any excuses you find yourself making that are preventing you from prioritizing and living out that call? Combat those excuses with truth.

Now Live It Out

Live in such a way that on that hard-to-imagine last day, there is not one regret left weighing our hearts. Not one relationship left unreached. Not one “I love you” or “Thank you” gone unsaid.

“If relationships will matter most then, shouldn’t they matter most now?”  Rediscovering Relationships starts today.

My Soil | Dirt to Gardens

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Spiritual Gift Teacher Teaching

My Soil | Dirt to Gardens

By Jordan Harrington | AIM Passport Short-Term Missionary. When I first came to Jacó, I remember the Lord speaking this truth into me so clearly.  God spoke to me, “Allow Me to pour into you and from your gardens, I will flow.”

For twenty years, the Lord has poured into this garden of mine in a multitude of ways. I began as a land of dirt: Anyone would look upon me and see hopelessness as a result of my sin. But know that God pursues our dirt-stained hearts and transforms them. He cleanses us with a heavenly rain and makes us new. All because He saw in us what the world had not.

Jordan Harrington Jaco Gardens and my local connectionA Beautiful Oasis

Each species of flowers is a result of different seeds planted by others. God’s hand has guided these people, showing them which seeds go where and how to plant them. Colors in this garden that I had never before seen arose through experiences, both endearing and heart-wrenching. Everything that comes in my path is the root to each beautiful detail that makes up this beautiful oasis. His stems hold us up and carry us through the wind, and let us know that through Him we will not be shaken.

Jacó has already poured so much into this garden, creating in it an abundance of love and growth. Through the locals, sweet testimonies, and the love of our Father, this town has given me new paths to walk upon and new eyes to see what the Lord is doing here. What keeps this garden alive is the light of our Father and the waters from His Spirit. Jesus uproots the weeds that I tend to hold on to and He gently shows me that I am much more beautiful without them.

As God uses Jacó to pour into these gardens, He uses the waters that arise to flow from us and into others. This river called Jacó is both on the giving and the receiving end. Our job is to hand out the roses of the agape love that He has grown in us.


Through my experience in Costa Rica, God has introduced me to a new field that I had never before known. He has taught me to dance in the freedom of who I am and to find joy in the thorns. He has used the locals to illustrate this field through their smiles and their stories. They grab my hands, and they twirl with me. The Son shines on their faces and releases an atmosphere of peace. The Holy Spirit dances with us and teaches us new things about Himself- no matter what positions we are in.

As I get to know the hearts of the locals, I see more of what God is doing inside of them and in Jacó. You see, God is a God who attains a spirit of relentless pursuit. He knows us so well and how to rid us of the dirt that lies within; He longs to see an abundance of love rise within us and pour out into others; He chases after us every day, though we may not notice it. Every person experiences this, even if it goes unnoticed. Many of the locals that I have met are in this process right now, where God is sowing small glimpses of His Spirit into their hearts- whether they choose to see them or not.

Jaco’s Garden

Jordan Harrington Jaco Garden and my local connectionWhen I hear of the growth of Jaco Beach over the past decade, I can’t help but thank God for His pursuit and vision for Jacó. His plans for the garden of Jacó are much greater than we can dream of. He longs to see the river that He is pouring in to Jacó to overflow into surrounding communities.

Though this is only our first month at Ocean’s Edge ministries, the Lord has shown me how to truly walk amongst those rivers and allow them to run through me, as well.  He has given me a confidence in Him like no other and is continually pouring His heart into me. My comfort zones have been shaken and my gardens have been flooded with love.

God, indeed, has both poured in and out of these gardens of mine- just as He has promised. For this, I am so thankful.