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Prayer Meeting | Horizon Church

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Prayer Meeting | Horizon Church

prayer meeting

prayer meeting

By Melissa New | Ocean’s Edge Intern. “We are going to the weekly prayer meeting today at noon” our leader, Sarah told us.

“How long will it be?” someone asked.

“Probably about an hour” she responded.

AN HOUR!? How are we going to fill up an entire hour with constant prayer? I thought to myself, I’ve never spent more than 15 minutes, maximum, in continuous prayer before!

Although I had never been to a prayer meeting, I was curious about it. What do we even do at a prayer meeting? Do we talk about what we want prayer for? Do we pray over a prayer-request sheet? Do we all just pray at once?

I didn’t realize it then, but this prayer meeting adds richness to my walk with God.

Our Arrival

prayer meeting, horizon church, christian church, ministry, missions lifestlye, oceans edge, jaco beach, costa rica, christian mission trips

prayer meeting

We arrived at the church about five minutes before 12pm, and have continued to do so for the previous eight Wednesdays. Typically pastor Daniel starts us off with a prayer and leaves the floor open for anyone to add. It has been transforming to see believers from the congregation take an hour out of their week to come together and pray. These prayers range from prayers of thanks and confession, to prayers of intercession and needs. My favorite aspect of the entire meeting is observing the older believers while they are praying. I am so inspired by the genuine tears that stream down their face as they communicate with the Lord. About every 10-15 minutes, Daniel picks up his guitar and he plays a worship song. It is beautiful to see the peace that so clearly reflects on everyone’s face as they sing praises to God.

Prayer Muscles

A wise woman once told me that we all have a “prayer muscle” and every time we intentionally spend time in prayer, this muscle grows. I feel like my “prayer muscle” is getting a stronger and stronger because of the prayer meeting. I also have grown in confidence while praying out out in a group as well as the overall enjoyment in prayer. This spiritual discipline is so important in the believer’s life, and I love the growth I am seeing in my life.

Jaco Casafe | Surf Ministry

horizon church, christian church, ministry, missions lifestlye, oceans edge, jaco beach, costa rica, christian mission trips, jaco casafe

Jaco Casafe | Surf Ministry

Jaco Casafe

Jaco Casafe

By Melissa New | Ocean’s Edge Intern.One of my favorite ministries to serve with is Jaco Casafe. 26-year-old Lisa started this ministry four years ago when she first came to Jacó with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). Her heart broke for the children she witnessed around Jacó and God gave her a vision for Casafe. Jaco Casafe provides a positive, Christ-centered atmosphere for kids to experience a loving community. In addition, the children learn computer skills, English, surfing and receive homework help.

Family-Dinner Night

Jaco Casafe

Jaco Casafe

This week we were able to assist Lisa and the kids Bible study night. On Wednesdays, Jaco Casafe usually “opens” around 5pm for an hour of swimming and surfing. When the hour is up, Lisa calls them in for snack and begins a Bible study (in Spanish) soon after. The house is typically open for three hours and “closes” at 6pm. This week was a bit different and was open for an addition two hours because it was “Family-Dinner Night”. Lisa does this once a month where she and the kids cook a meal together and watch a movie after. Lisa makes a list of food needed for the meal, and the youth sign up to bring something.

Movie Time

I noticed during the movie, one of the teenage girls was sitting on a couch in the next room, listening to her music alone so I sat down next to her. She told me she had already seen the movie and didn’t want to see it again, so we began to chat through broken Spanish. I knew she was trying to learn English, so we picked up a “Where Is Waldo” book and she read the English captions while I listened carefully and corrected her English pronunciation. After the English book, she picked up a Spanish devotional book and had me read it and she corrected my Spanish pronunciation. I’m excited to see our friendship will grow!

Unfinished Story | My Testimony | Oceans Edge Intern

horizon church, christian church, ministry, missions lifestlye, oceans edge, jaco beach, costa rica, christian mission trips

Unfinished Story | My Testimony | Oceans Edge Intern

By Melissa New | Ocean’s Edge Intern. My unfinished story begins when I gave my heart to Jesus at age 11. Growing up I participated in campus ministries, discipleship groups and Bible studies while walking closely with God for many years. When I turned 21, I began my gradual drift from God and became enticed with partying. Although I never denounced Jesus, I began questioning God’s goodness. Why would a “good” God forbid something seeming so fun and life giving? I had one foot in the “God door” and the other in a “party door”. I didn’t know it at the time, but I received a high from partying. Unfortunately, that “high” was actually a false imitation of the abundant life I was truly searching for. As I continued this party routine, I began feeling my life lose fullness and meaning. Consequentially, I drifted further from intimacy with Jesus.

Intentional Change

Testimony of intentional change in Australia, change of scenery in New Zealand and next steps, Unfinished Story

Unfinished Story

At 22, I graduated college and moved to work in Australia for one year. I was sick of the emptiness that partying had brought, and I needed a change. I promised myself I would ditch the party lifestyle and find a church and Christian community in Australia. By the grace of God, I did just that. In my free time, I surfed and attended a Bible study through Christian Surfers Australia. After being involved with this ministry for about 6 months, I began serving as a Christian Surfer leader to the kids in the local surf community. I also began to attend a local church called Thrive. I wanted to get more involved at church, so I volunteered with the high-school youth group. As a result, I discovered a passion and gifting for reaching and impacting youth for Jesus.

Change of Scenery

Testimony, intentional change, Australia, change of scenery,New Zealand, next steps, unfinished story

Unfinished story

After my Australian work visa expired in November 2015, I applied for a six-month work visa in New Zealand, and moved to a small beach town called New Plymouth. I worked as a waitress to make money and became involved serving with Christian Surfers New Zealand by helping teach kids to surf. In April 2016, I moved back to the States and worked for a Christian summer camp called TbarM Christian Camps. I was a camp counselor mostly working with high-school-aged girls.


Next Steps

Testimony, intentional change, Australia, change of scenery,New Zealand, next steps, unfinished story

Unfinished Story

At the end of camp, I was trying to sort out what my next steps should be, so I talked with my boss, Natalie. She shared with me about a mission trip she went on for a month in Jaco, Costa Rica. As a result, she suggested I check out a local church there. I emailed the pastor’s wife, Sarah, and she said there was a need in the church that I could help fill as an intern. Soon after I committed to going and now I am living in Costa Rica for six months. In conclusion, if the Lord leads me to stay longer, I will make an additional 1-2 year commitment. I am curious and excited to see how my unfinished story will continue.

SixEleven | Horizon Church Youth Group

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SixEleven | Horizon Youth Group

Youth Group

Youth Group

 “Ok guys, remember, act like normal people!”

“My grandma has a black dog! Let’s go to my grandma’s house!”

“I have an idea, let’s look in Los Suenos!” (A town 25 minutes away)

“RICARDO, RICARDO, RICHARD, RICHARD” (the task was to “find a Richard”)

“Um excuse me Mel, what kind of pizza are we eating later?”

These are just some of the funny lines I overheard from the kids in the Horizon Youth Group as we competed in a photo scavenger hunt through town. In addition, this was the the first kick-off event of “Sixeleven”, the official English-Speaking youth group. With so many English-speaking-international families living in Jaco, an English-speaking youth group is a welcome idea. In fact, until this point, there haven’t been any Christian-ministry resources for youth-aged English-speakers.  

Fierce Competition

First of all, imagine five outgoing-and-energetic 11-14 year olds and you are looking at my team. We were in fierce competition against two other teams, each with two adults, one vehicle and one hour to complete as many “tasks” as possible. I was with the Pastor of Horizon Church, Daniel Barrett, and we rode in the classic church van. One funny moment was watching my team “perform a memorial service for a smashed toad” on the side of the road. The kids all got really into it, fake crying and shouting “WHYYYY!” Also, I loved seeing their excitement and dedication to completing each task no matter how difficult it was. 

Future Plans

Youth Group

Youth Group

When the hour was up, each team met at Sarah and Daniel Barrett’s house to review the photos and eat pizza. In fact, this was the best part of the night as each team had taken hilarious photos. We explained to the youth that we wanted to have more of these types of event and eventually begin meeting weekly as well. They were all so excited to hear this, and in turn it made me super excited! In conclusion, I love working with youth-aged kids so I can’t wait to see this youth group continue to develop.  

Emily Rypkema | The Journey Begins | Oceans Edge Intern

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emily rypkema Oceans Edge Internship

Emily Rypkema | The Journey Begins

emily rypkema Oceans Edge InternMy name is Emily Rypkema and I’m going to Costa Rica! No, I can’t believe it either. But it’s true. In June I’ll be taking six month internship with Ocean’s Edge Internship Program in Jaco, Costa Rica and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  

I woke up on a dreary, Monday morning in January feeling uncertain (yet again) about the future. I was finishing up my last fall semester of college and these past four years had been planned out strategically to increase my chances of being accepted into a Physician’s Assistant program. This plan shattered. I was rejected and felt lost. I was nowhere near having an idea of “what I would do the rest of my life”.

 So Why Costa Rica?

Well Daniel and Sarah Barrett moved from Lexington, SC to Jaco when I was in high school. Daniel was my youth pastor and Sarah, my small group leader. They both taught me about being a Godly woman, a leader, and having flexibility while serving; things that still impact me to this day.

 During my Junior year of college I became very interested in visiting them in Costa Rica and serving with them, however, I continued to pursue PA school. I told myself that “if I didn’t get into school this was what I was going to do”. I was terrified of being denied and even more terrified of telling people of this rejection.

 And Then It Happened.

I was heartbroken and lost. And so I began paying about what should be next, asking a lot of questions: would I ever go to PA school? Did I even want that? Or did I just decide on that because it would be a good fit?

One thing was certain; I would apply to the internship in Costa Rica. This was when I had to trust God and relearn what trusting Him meant; I was vulnerable again because I was facing rejection, I have never been more uncertain of my place and purpose and after what felt like months, my phone rang and the red badge appeared over my inbox.

This email would change my outlook of my future tremendously; this email was confirmation of my acceptance to the Ocean’s Edge Jaco Internship Program in Jaco, Costa Rica.

I was elated, nervous, but also relieved; It may not be the rest of my life, but it was six months where I knew I would be and what I would be doing. My excitement grew while reading about my responsibilities but most importantly I was joyously overwhelmed with how this program will mentor, disciple, and encourage me towards a healthy Christ-centered lifestyle.  

Ocean’s Edge Jaco beach | Internship 

Ocean’s Edge works hand in hand with local churches by providing and housing staff to serve in the community. They are partnered with Horizon Church, the church Daniel and Sarah planted which is where I will be. I will be involved serving on their worship team, with the youth, and the children’s ministry, I will host the short term missions teams that come to Jaco, along with various responsibilities that may come up while I’m there.

As I prepare for this next chapter, I sometimes get lost in the logistics: practicing Spanish, reading books, writing letters but it’s when I feel buried with my “to do” list is when I remember that my priority should be spending time in God’s Word and praying for God to take control and open my heart to everything He wants me to learn during my time in Costa Rica.

Today, I still wrestle with these uncertainties but I am excited for the opportunity I have to serve God and love others while using my abilities, talents, and gifts I have been given.

 I would like to invite you to join me on this journey as I write about the preparation and the experience. Your prayers and support mean the world to me. – Emily Rypkema



Ocean’s Edge Camp | Nosara Surf Chicas

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Ocean’s Edge Camp | Nosara Surf Chicas

Costa Rica Girls Surf Camp | Nosara Girls Surf CampDecember 16-18, 2016 Nosara Girls Surf Camp | Ocean’s Edge Jaco braved the Nosara roads to help facilitate a Nosara Girls Surf Camp.  The theme was “Absolutely Beautify” or “Completemently Hermosas!”  Every morning and afternoon the girls in the Nosara Girls Surf Camp huddled in for a cheer that stemmed from Song of Solomon 4:7:

“O my love, you are altogether beautiful and fair.There is no flaw nor blemish in you!” Amplified Bible (AMP)

Toda tú eres bella, amada mía; no hay en ti defecto alguno.” Cantares 4:7 Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI)

“I feel totally blessed to have completed the first official Ocean’s Edge camp. It was a learning experience for us as the leadership team but something really cool stood out to me. The girls, ages 5-16, would huddle in a circle for the team cheer ‘COMPLETEMENTE HERMOSA!’ I just know God was smiling every time we cheered.” – Hannah Rico Fletcher, Ocean’s Edge Director

Costa Rica kids surf camp

Nosara Girls Surf Camp

Costa Rica Rica kids surf Camp | Nosara Surf CampThe days started with a morning devotional on the beach, followed by surf lessons, community service project, crafts and workshops. Each activity centered around God’s love for us and desire to see us live life to the full (Jn 10:10).  Each of the girls had a chance to discover the unique light that God has placed in them with the kids version of the Destiny Assessment.  And the local Casa Vida Team has the pleasure of continuing life with these precious princesses.  It was such a special weekend.

The Ocean’s Edge team considers it a blessing to coming alongside people so focused on making a positive impact on their community.  This is just beginning and we pray that this Nosara Girls Surf Camp has helped give momentum to the vision that the Casa de Amor leadership team has for the youth in Nosara.

“Coming alongside something that is just beginning and helping to give momentum; seeing Aidi and Paola get excited about the girls that came and all that happened surrounding the camp and for what they are going to do”
– April Campbell

For more information on the Ocean’s Edge Camps, Training or Destiny Assessment Contact us.


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December 2016 Business Workshop

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Ocean’s edge Business Training

Domingo, 4 De Diciembre | Sunday, December 4  from 2:00 to 4:30pm at The Edge Ministry Base in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.  From the main road in Jaco turn away from the beach on the Pop’s road.  The Edge will be 600 meters on your Right.

Ven y aprende desarrolle sus habilidades ocupacionales con una base en valores biblicos. Come Learn and develop your occupational skills with underlining biblical values.










Enrollment is now open!  Registration | Registracion:

Price: 10,000 col without a ministry endorsement | 5,000 with endorsement

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