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Passport Program | Ocean’s Edge Lifestyle

Passport Program | Ocean’s Edge Lifestyle

By Melissa New | Ocean’s Edge Intern. When I arrived in Jaco, around mid-January, I was given my first official assignment: to join a three-month “Passport Program” mission team. The team of 16, as well as their two leaders, would be moving onto The Edge mission base just five days later and we would be serving God in Jaco together under the Ocean’s Edge Ministry program.  I didn’t really know what to expect from my internship with Horizon Church. I had never done anything like this before, but I was up for the adventure ahead.

God’s Way or Bust

Passport ProgramI could hardly believe what I was hearing for two reasons.

First, I was about to have an instant community of Christian friends who were my own age. Praise God! Secondly, only a few months prior I had had my heart set on a different Passport Program trip, as it fit “my plan” perfectly. I also had heard really good things about the World Race Mission Trip, and the Passport Program is sent from the same sending agency, Adventures in Missions.  Unfortunately, I was told I was ineligible to go on a Passport Program trip because I was not within the 18-22-years-old age limit. I had even emailed the director and requested an exception, but the answer was still no.


Future Hope

Even when it seems impossible, God can make anything happen to accomplish his purpose. I remember praying that he would open a door to allow me on a trip and look what happened. God has proven himself faithful time after time when he has worked things out in a way better than I could have even imagined. Writing this post has reminded me that God has a good plan for my life. He is not going to forget me nor leave me empty handed.

Passport Program