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We are looking for a team of people willing to support the ministry with prayer and financial backing.

Hello Ocean’s Edge Ministry Partner,

There was always great anticipation and joy when the people of God were entrusted with fulfilling God’s commission to build.  Noah worked diligently and followed every instruction in constructing the ark that would preserve the seed of life before the great flood.  David and Solomon went to amazing lengths to make sure the best was available for the temple which would house the very presence of the Lord.  Nehemiah prayed for months on end, which resulted in a path of favor as they began to fulfill the Lord’s call to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Story after story speak about God’s dreams and the people who obediently answered the call to build.  They prayed, labored, and gave with their whole hearts, along with other children of God, to bring about the will of God.  Oceans Edge is committed to fulfilling our part of the great commission and bringing God’s Kingdom to Jaco, Costa Rica and beyond.

One thing is certain, our hearts, minds, faith, and ministry are under construction.

Praise Report:

  • Mid- 2017 the balloon payment for The Edge Ministry Base was due.  This $22,500 payment was made!!!  Most of it was donated and the remainder was giving to the ministry as a no interest loan that will be paid off with the rental income from missions teams.  Our long-term vision is to make OEM a self supporting ministry.
  • Phase 2 of the construction project on The Edge is 99% complete
  • The new roof is finished and completely paid for ($13,665) This new covering unifies the living area on the base and brings all the housing together.  It also solved a flooding issue that was created when the neighbor built a wall around his property.

We believe that Jaco Beach will be known as a place of eternal hope and the overflow will impact the world.  For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God Hebrews 3:4.  Become an Ocean’s Edge Ministry Partner as we do our part in this exciting commission.

What is Ocean’s Edge?

The Ocean’s Edge program exists to support, facilitate and inspire others to embrace the abundant life they were intended to enjoy through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Our heart is to see others reach their God given potential spiritually, relationally, physically, professionally and financially as they positively impact their local community and beyond for God’s glory.
Ocean’s Edge is in the process of becoming a recognized non-profit in the States. This process should be completed before the end of 2017.  Once this is complete Ocean’s Edge Ministry Partner will be able to get a tax receipt for their donations.


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Our Current Need: Prayer and Provision

The Ocean’s Edge vision and goals are bigger than us. We cherish your encouragement and prayers. We also ask that you prayerfully consider coming alongside the Edge Missions Base and Ministries:

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Our 2018 goals include:

  • Completion of Living Space Phase II: 5 NEW  intern apartments quoted at $26,000 for completion. We currently have $60,000 of the $250,000 over all construction raised!  We have the construction project split into Phases.  Each Phases is started as donations come in.
  • Fortification of the West wall: $6500.  This wall has proven to be a security issue which seems to be solved by our new guard dog, Samson.  The wall is our long-term solution.
  • A new treatment plant that is capable of handling the completed master plan of the ministry base.  This has been quoted out at $25,000 for the technology plus the labor which will be approximately an additional $5000.

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Ocean’s Edge Ministry Partner

To financially contribute towards construction project or any of our outreach ministries by  contact us directly or click here to donate online.  All donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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