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Spiritual Shifts

Life is full of spiritual shifts. It is so easy to be lullabied to a spiritual slumber.  Complacency silently creeps into the brightest areas of my heart without much accountability from this world.  As I nod off, the definition of truth seems to separate itself from God’s goodness.  The temptation to yield to my own… Read More Spiritual Shifts

Lifestyle Blog, Where Divine Destiny Meets Devoted Paths

Blessing God | The True LORD of Lords

Blessing God | Obligation vs Privilege For the longest time, blessing God felt like an obligation hanging over my head.  With it, came an overwhelming sense that God was disappointed with me.  It seemed obvious that with His list of do’s and don’ts came His disappointment with my poor attempts to meet them.  Afterall, with… Read More Blessing God | The True LORD of Lords

Spiritual Gifts

Other Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas

Other Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas Artistry: Event decorations, murals (e.g., on kids Sunday school walls, evangelistic murals in the community); Arts and Craft Camps or Projects, drama, puppetry, film/photography work, decorating team, set/props design team, elderly care and outreach, kids ministries, dance ministries Hospitality: Greeter/usher, new member care, host social events, host Bible studies,… Read More Other Spiritual Gifts | Service Ideas

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gift Wisdom

Spiritual Gift Wisdom The Greek work used for the spiritual gift of wisdom is “Sophia” G4678 or “Sophos” G4680. Definition and Purpose of the Wisdom Gift The special ability that God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to know the mind of the Holy Spirit and to receive insight into how to best… Read More Spiritual Gift Wisdom