BAM Internships Available

Marketing & Administration Intern 

  • Perform market analysis and research on the latest trends 
  • Assist with daily administrative duties 
  • Design and present new social media campaign ideas 
    • Monitor all social media platforms for trending news, ideas, and feedback 
  • Prepare detailed promotional presentations 
  • Help with the planning and hosting of marketing events 
  • Research and evaluate competitor marketing and digital content 
  • Contribute to the creation of mock-ups, email campaigns, and social media content 
    • Develop and implement marketing campaigns 
  • Develop and maintain brand consistency 
  • Compose, update & organize database 
  • Recruiting for programs by posting needs (staff, interns, teams, local volunteers) 

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Administration Intern 

  • Assist with daily administrative duties 
  • Create and update records and databases 
  • Create systems and database management 
  • Assist in managing the flow of paperwork 
  • Assist and facilitate staff as necessary 
    • Whenever and however needed 
  • Assist with business development matters including marketing material preparation 
  • Providing logistical support for participants  

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Marketing Intern 

  • Brand awareness and franchise sales 
  • Developing tools and methods for collecting data 
    • Collecting and analyzing data to identify consumer trends 
  • Researching consumer opinions and marketing strategies and proposing adjustments to current strategies accordingly 
  • Preparing marketing proposals and presentations based on company needs 
  • Monitoring and managing the company’s social media platforms 
    • Adjusting outreach tactics as needed 
  • Support marketing campaign planning and execution 
  • Assist in the creation of written, video, and image content for marketing channels 
  • Participate in marketing brainstorming sessions 
  • Assist in the management of website SEO 
  • Take part in formal and informal training opportunities 
  • Measure and report the results of marketing initiatives 
  • Basic management of websites (Information, function, design, SEO) 
  • Create and maintain website functions 
  • Know and understand coding 
  • Take photos and videos 
    • Create videos 

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