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Oceans Edge Missions Lifestyle

Discover where divine destiny meets devoted paths

Oceans Edge Lifestyle

A ministry based in Jaco Beach Costa Rica by Hannah Rico Fletcher, April Campbell, Carli Torte, Amanda Harmon, and Jairo Perez.

Christian internship and Lifestyle Training | Devoted Paths and Divine Destiny | Uniquely created.  Holistically Embraced. 

Devoted Paths and Divine Destiny | Uniquely created. Holistically Embraced | Devoted Paths Book and Training manual | Oceans Edge Ministry Lifestyle Book | Christian Biblical Program and Manual

Divine Destiny and Devoted Paths | Discover where your devoted path meet your divine destiny

We are created uniquely to carry out the good works that God set before us.   Yet, our heart and love is what God desires. Our devotion to this lifestyle will largely depends on who we believe God to be. Is He worth it?


Divine Destiny

Devoted Paths and Divine Destiny | Uniquely created. Holistically Embraced | Spiritual Gifts and Personality Assessment | Uniquely Created Assessment

Created to Shine | Oceans Edge Jaco Beach Costa Rica | The Bible tells you that you were made in the image of God.  Wow!  That means that you have a unique ability to be His reflection for the world to see. Each of us have a special blend of abilities, spiritual gifts, personality, passions and calling. It is amazing to think that the God of the universe created you for a distinct purpose.  So what is it? Taking  You were created to SHINE! Take the personal assessment to see how.

Intentionally made in the image of God to shine

Devoted Paths

Devoted Paths and Divine Destiny | Uniquely created. Holistically Embraced | Ocean’s Edge Holistic Christian Lifestyle Training |  Jaco Costa Rica Christian Internships | Spiritually Relationally Ministry Professionally Financially Physically 

Oceans Edge Opportunities | Holistic Spiritual Lifestyle | Leadership Training | Internships | Ministry | Career | Spiritual | Relationship | Physical | Finances

Ocean’s Edge Holistic Lifestyle Training Opportunities | Spiritual Lifestyle Coach | Leadership Training | Holistic Christian Internships | Ministry and Cross Cultural Missions | Career and Professional | Spiritual Discipleship | Relationship skills | Physical health | Personal and Small Business Finances

Embrace the abundant life you were created to live. Reach your God given potential spiritually, relationally, physically, professionally and financially as you positively impact your local community and beyond for God’s glory. Connect with a life coach today with Ocean’s Edge Jaco Beach Costa RIca

Oceans Edge Christian Ministry Training | Oceans Edge Holistic Christian Internships Lifestyle Training | Ministry and Cross Cultural Missions skills

Holistic biblical training and mentoring to help others create and maintain a ministry lifestyle.

The Ocean’s Edge holistic Christian lifestyle training program is based on the biblical belief that we each have a unique calling to be God’s reflection for the world to see.

Ocean’s Edge Missions Statement:

“Transforming lives worldwide by offering holistic biblical training and mentoring to help others create and maintain a ministry lifestyle that claims territory for God and pushed evil back on earth as it is in heaven in the local community and beyond.

Ocean’s Edge Vision Statement:

The Ocean Edge program exists to support, facilitate and inspire others to embrace the abundant life they were freed to live through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ as they grow in their biblical knowledge and passion for God. Our heart is to see others reach their God given potential spiritually, relationally, physically, professionally and financially as they positively impact their local community and beyond for God’s glory.

What is Holistic Christian Lifestyle Training?  Contact a Coach


Passport Team

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Different ages, places, Perspectives

Different people and teams are always coming and staying at The Edge property. It is always fun having more people at the property. I love meeting people of different ages, from different places, with varying perspectives on things. Currently we have a Passport team from Adventures and missions living at The Edge for a month and a half.


Having this Passport team here has been extra special, because I myself first came to Costa Rica on a Passport team in January of this year. As I’ve written about in previous posts, the trip was one of the best and most influential things that ever happened to me. (Read more about that here) And now God has called me to help facilitate a similar experience for this team.

Full Circle

I am humbled and honored that I now get to serve on the receiving end of things. It’s amazing to see how God brings things full circle. Often this comes in the form of using the things and experiences that have had the most impact on my life (positive or negative) to bring light and wisdom to others.

Opportunity to Pay it Forwardpassport team, Adventures in missions, christian internship, horizon church, oceans edge, jaco beach, costa rica, jaco, team, mentorship, discipleship

I remember how I felt coming to serve in Costa Rica for the first time. I didn’t know where anything was, I spoke almost no Spanish, and just overall felt lost. The amazing leaders around me guided me through all of these things. Soon enough Jaco became my home. Now I have the honor and privilege of showing people the ropes of this town, language, and culture that I have come to love so much.

Not only did my leaders guide me in learning about the culture and town, but spiritually as well. Each week I received mentoring from one of the Elders of the Church. Now him and I are mentoring together! It has been such a cool opportunity to pay it forward!

Read more about the author HERE

Read more about Ocean’s Edge HERE

Trust Me

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Trust Me

Trust me.” A phrase we hear and say all the time.  So much so that these words have lost their value to most people. The trouble comes when we translate this lack of trust in people, to a lack of trust in the Lord. I think a lot of trust issues with the Lord come from trust issues we have with people, at least that was the case with me…. “

Jesus is Always Closer Than We Think He Is 

Jesus, trust, costa rica internships, Jaco beach, missions, lifestyle, oceans edge, international internships

In Mathew Ch. 14 Jesus tells Peter to trust him. He asks him to step out of the comfort and safety of the boat he is in, and walk to him on the water.  Initially Peter steps out of the boat in confidence, walking towards the Lord. But as he sees the wind and the waves pick up his confidence starts to dwindle. He loses trust when he sees how far he has to go and the conditions getting rougher. Peter begins to sink. He cries out “Lord save me!” Jesus, who is closer than Peter thought, reaches out his hand and immediately pulls him up. Jesus is always closer than we think he is.

Momentum and Confidence From the Lord

I can relate to Peter in this story because I have been there. No, God has never asked me to physically walk on water, however he has asked me to step out of the safety of my comfort zone to a place where I would have to trust him. Part of God calling me to go to Costa Rica involved raising financial support. A lot of financial support…. Talk to most any missionary and they will tell you what a large and challenging task this can be. They will also tell you that though it is sometimes hard, God has always provided. I had to trust that God would do the same for me.

When it came time for me to start fundraising I hit the ground running. Like Peter, I was quick to jump out of the boat, eager to walk with Jesus. I used this momentum and confidence from the Lord to drive my efforts. I knew with all my heart that the Lord would provide! The Lord had told me to trust him, and so I did. God surely came through and I was having greater success than I could have ever imagined. But instead of looking at how much the Lord had done, I chose to look at how far I still had to go and how many obstacles I still had to overcome. Peter made the same mistake. He chose to ignore the fact that he had just taken multiple steps across liquid water, and instead chose to look at the wind.

Jesus Did a Jesus Thing

Jesus, trust, costa rica internships, Jaco beach, missions, lifestyle, oceans edge, international internships

Prayerfully I had set a goal to be fully funded and heading back to Costa Rica at the beginning of August. It was the beginning of July when I began to lose trust that this was actually going to happen. Looking at how much more money I still has to raise, it was beginning to look like a September launch date was a lot more plausible. At this point I was at about 65% of my goal. Then Jesus did a Jesus thing. In just 1 day enough support came in to bring to be about 97% funded! I was ecstatic…….speechless. It was God’s way of saying, “I told you so. Now do you trust me?”


Joy in Jaco, Costa Rica

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Joy in Jaco

Hello, my name is Emily and I am here in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica on a short term mission trip. I am really enjoying my time here so far! I’ve been amazed by all the joy in Jaco. Even though living conditions are rough and the town of Jaco is struggling with some very serious issues, the people of Jaco surprise me with their positivity and happiness. It’s truly inspiring.

The children

in Jaco Beach, for example, absolutely love Kid’s Club which meets every Saturday in the neighborhood park, hosted by Horizon Church a local English speaking church here in Jaco. They play fun games, make awesome crafts, and learn about “Dios” (God). Not only is it a great way to spread God’s word, but it also builds community and stability for the children. At the end of Kid’s Club they do what they call “Beans and Rice ministry”. Each child is sent home with a bag of beans and rice to help feed their family for the week, a slogan everyone has come to know and love here is “Beans and Rice and Jesus Christ”. I had a great time participating in jump rope, soccer, and sac races this Saturday at Kids Club, and was blown away by the Joy in Jaco shining through each child’s smile.


Joy in Jaco, Samson, The Edge, Cost Rica, Jaco Beach, Christian mission trips, Missions, Joy, happiness

Samson, The Edge property dog

Oceans Edge’s new “guard dog”, was brought home this weekend. At just six weeks old he has some growing to do to fit into his new role and protect the property! He is incredibly cute and is a great addition to the team here at Ocean’s Edge. Although my time here in Jaco is short, I have learned so much about the town, myself, and God. I’m learning that being joyful is an internal, consistent state that can only stem from God. Happiness will ebb and flow, but joy is deep rooted and strong. I’m very thankful for my time here in Jaco, for the relationships made, and for the joy found.

For more information about the ministry or the local church here please contact Oceans Edge and come see for yourself all that God is doing in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

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The Edge New Roof | A Walk Of Faith

Edge new roof walk of faith (1)

The Edge New Roof

Edge new roof walk of faith (1)Sunday morning a crane drove up to the back of the Jaco Missions Base and started lifting the 14-meter-wide beams into place for the new Edge roof. Just a few hours later, the English-speaking church met on their new property to pray and enjoy a ground-breaking ceremony. What a day of victory for the Christian body in Jaco and a reason to celebrate for the hundreds of people that have poured into God’s work here.

Edge new roof walk of faith (1)I have come to realize that it is a visionary gift to see the dream as completed even though the ground is not broken. Standing on the Church property, I could see the buildings as if they were finished. I could imagine the sunlight shining through the trees in the courtyard and hear the greeters loving people as they filled the sanctuary. For me it is as good as done!

In the same way, for years, I have envisioned the Edge’s new roof towering over the living area. I have given the tour over and over, pointing out where the door would be and how you walk into the welcoming sitting areas. I have shared the dream of pulling all the apartments together and never having to deal with flooding again.  Today, I can physically touch the door post and see the roof line. It is surreal!

Victory is a walk of faith

I want to stop and soak in this moment with you. With these pictures, you get to see what I have dreamed about for so many years. The development of the Edge Missions Base has been a hard path full of blood, sweat and tears, but I stand in awe of how it has progressed. There were many times that logic told me to hang up my hat and call it a day. I faced many heavy moments when I saw so much need and the resources where nowhere in sight. In these moments, I could quote the verses to support a full stop and call it wisdom. But God! Don’t you just love that phrase!

The thought of having to name and thank all of the people who have built into and supported this property over the past 14 years is overwhelming. Hundreds of individuals have helped in different ways not knowing what the end would look like and without expecting any credit. I have been one of the blessed few to see this work progress since edge mortgage paid off2003 and what I will say is that it is inspiring to see what can happen when we all do a little for a God-size vision.

We paid off the remainder of the mortgage with a bridge loan that includes the cost of completing the current phase of finishing the roof. We will pay off this loan with the rental income and donations, as they continue to come in. The blessing is that the loan has no interest, no due date and no legal tie to the property itself. This miracle defies logic and is more than we could have ever asked. Thank you God!

Called to Overflow

It is so clear that God is the momentum behind what is happening here. That is a powerful thing. When we yield to God’s will we can feel unsettled in the wildness of the unknown. Yet, in the middle of the storm we can always look up to our heavenly father. His peaceful face calms us, His gentle voice beckons us closer and when we sink and struggle… we can rest in His hands. All for us can take advantage of this blessed life to the full. I pray we may all experience the overflow of the individual walk of faith to which we have been called.

The Edge God size vision

We are standing by to help you plan a mission trip to Jaco Beach Costa Rica.  Contact us to join the team with as a prayer or financial partner.  


Amanda | Spreading the Love of Christ Through Business

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Amanda | Spreading the Love of Christ Through Business

gospel funding

gospel funding

By Melissa New | Ocean’s Edge Intern 
This is Amanda and she is passionate about business as missions that will fund the spread of the gospel. After growing up in the states, she left everything familiar and moved to Jaco in March of 2016. This was prompted by a vision from God to help Costa Rican businesses operate for the glory of God.

Business as missions can mean different things. First, it can mean starting a business as a means of gaining access to a country lacking religious freedom. Secondly, “gospel funding” can mean starting a business and giving money to any organization or individual that is working to further the gospel. Although these may be the most common ways to facilitate funding the spread of the gospel, they are by no means the only ways to support missions.

A Vision

gospel funding

gospel funding

In a vision from the Lord, Amanda was told to begin a trading company that networks goods produced by other business as missions operations. The idea behind the business is to act as a model to help educate business owners in what successful and ethical business practices look like.

Amanda married a Tico (slang for a Costa Rican) in June 2016. Her husband, Jairo is also missions -minded and pours the love of Christ into the Jaco community.  Soon after,  Amanda moved to Jacó she became a part of the Oceans Edge ministry team.  She is now the director of the Oceans Edge Business School

Business School

The purpose of the business school is to provide tools for members of the community to excel and become a light.  Experienced and business-minded Christians  teach classes to community memebers who are aspiring and/or currently business owners. The classes not only teach skills such as marketing, advertisement, web design, and customer service, but also teach biblical foundations on how to conduct business in a God- honoring and missional way.

Amanda and Jairo are currently living in Jacó, serving at Horizon Church Jacó and living their lives on mission. Jairo serves as a leader with Christian Surfers Costa Rica and is also a professional surfer.

Prayer Meeting | Horizon Church

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Prayer Meeting | Horizon Church

prayer meeting

prayer meeting

By Melissa New | Ocean’s Edge Intern. “We are going to the weekly prayer meeting today at noon” our leader, Sarah told us.

“How long will it be?” someone asked.

“Probably about an hour” she responded.

AN HOUR!? How are we going to fill up an entire hour with constant prayer? I thought to myself, I’ve never spent more than 15 minutes, maximum, in continuous prayer before!

Although I had never been to a prayer meeting, I was curious about it. What do we even do at a prayer meeting? Do we talk about what we want prayer for? Do we pray over a prayer-request sheet? Do we all just pray at once?

I didn’t realize it then, but this prayer meeting adds richness to my walk with God.

Our Arrival

prayer meeting, horizon church, christian church, ministry, missions lifestlye, oceans edge, jaco beach, costa rica, christian mission trips

prayer meeting

We arrived at the church about five minutes before 12pm, and have continued to do so for the previous eight Wednesdays. Typically pastor Daniel starts us off with a prayer and leaves the floor open for anyone to add. It has been transforming to see believers from the congregation take an hour out of their week to come together and pray. These prayers range from prayers of thanks and confession, to prayers of intercession and needs. My favorite aspect of the entire meeting is observing the older believers while they are praying. I am so inspired by the genuine tears that stream down their face as they communicate with the Lord. About every 10-15 minutes, Daniel picks up his guitar and he plays a worship song. It is beautiful to see the peace that so clearly reflects on everyone’s face as they sing praises to God.

Prayer Muscles

A wise woman once told me that we all have a “prayer muscle” and every time we intentionally spend time in prayer, this muscle grows. I feel like my “prayer muscle” is getting a stronger and stronger because of the prayer meeting. I also have grown in confidence while praying out out in a group as well as the overall enjoyment in prayer. This spiritual discipline is so important in the believer’s life, and I love the growth I am seeing in my life.

Jaco Beach Spiritual Warfare | Ocean’s Edge Ministry

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Praise God Personal Experience

Spiritual Warfare | Ocean’s Edge Ministry

By Melissa New | Ocean’s Edge Intern “There will be extreme spiritual warfare on the mission field.”

Josh’s face became serious. He leaned forward and lowered his voice.

“I don’t want to scare you, but you need to be aware of it.”

Little did I know, I was about to experience this spiritual warfare.

It began two weeks after I arrived in Jaco, when awoke in the middle of the night, terrified. I can’t put my finger on it, but I felt a presence of evil that kept me awake. The next day I poured through the scriptures, looking for passages to remind myself that God is in control and not to let fear paralyze me. My team also prayed against the spiritual warfare and I was able to sleep soundly. That is, until the following week when my eyes shot open from a bizarre dream.

My Dream

I was walking around Jaco, late at night and I came across two women leaning side by side against a wall on a dimly-lit side street.  I didn’t know the first woman was, but I recognized the second woman, Sarah*, as someone I have regularly seen around town. As I began walking towards them, I could sense the growing presence of evil.  Starting in the pit of my stomach, a fear began to rise up into my throat and then out over the rest of my body. I knew I was no match for this evil, so I began to pray, soft at first and gradually growing louder and louder until I was shouting “Devil, in the name of Jesus, I command you to leave Sarah!” As I said it, the woman next to Sarah turned towards me and looked me dead in the eyes. It’s hard to explain, but as I got louder, she began to grow angrier and her eyes grew larger until I got swallowed up by them and woke up. Sound creepy? Believe me, it was!

horizon church, christian church, ministry, missions lifestlye, oceans edge, jaco beach, costa rica, christian mission trips, spiritual warfare


Sarah is a slender Costarican woman who is in her mid-thirties. She regularly walks around in nothing more than a t-shirt and underwear, mumbles incoherently to herself and is hostile towards Christians.  A few girls on my team recall a time when they felt spiritual warfare as they passed her in town because she threw small rocks as well as spit and cursed at them. After talking with a few of the locals, I learned that Sarah used to be quite “normal”, but after multiple drug addictions, she has become mentally unstable.

I believe wholehearted that the devil is preying on Sarah’s mind. If you think that sounds crazy, I would encourage you to read Mark 5:2-10, Luke 4:33-36 and Luke 9:37-42. These passages talk about the reality of demons and how Jesus is able to cast them out through prayer. I feel like God is putting Sarah on my heart so that I will pray for her. As a result, I see her almost every time I ride my bike around Jaco.


According to God’s Word, we have an enemy and his name is Satan. He is constantly “prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). He wants nothing more than to destroy us and represents everything that is “bad” in the world. When we try to do the “right” thing according to God’s word, we are actively fighting against Satan. The Bible says “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). Since this is not a physical battle, we need to wage war and prayer is one weapon we can use to fight (Psalm 54, Acts 16:16-18).

If I’m honest, I do feel a sense of fear whenever I come around Sarah, and I know that is not of God, but of the devil (2 Timothy 1:7). I am learning to stand firm, even in my fear, because the devil is not patient. The Bible promises that when we stand firm and resist the devil, he will flee from us (James 4:7). Remembering this promise has helped me to be consistent in prayer against the devil and bold in prayer for Sarah.

*Name has been changed

Surrendering Dreams and Plans | Ocean’s Edge

costa rica, christian internships, Jaco beach, surrender, family, Oceans Edge, ministry, missions

Surrendering Dreams and Plans

Growing up in the Western World you are taught that you should have a plan for your life. Not only should you have a plan, but you should probably have a couple in case the first one doesn’t work out. You should have a dream, and a backup plan. On top of that, your backup plan should probably have a backup plan. Disciplined and steadfast pursuit of your dreams and plans will lead to true happiness and fulfillment……except this isn’t always the result.

So what if you tried something different? What would happen if you completely surrendered the dreams and plans you have for your life, to the plans God has for your life? While on a three month mission trip to Jaco at the beginning of this year, that question slapped me across the face.

 Since I Can Remember… kyle costamagna, firefighter, jaco beach, missions, missionary, christian living, Ocean Edge, Costa Rica

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a firefighter. I have gone above and beyond to make this dream a reality. During my sophomore year of college I went to EMT school at night, on top of my everyday classes. Shortly after completing my EMT certification, I was hired onto the local on call fire company. I then attended the fire academy on the weekends while still in school. At Just 20 years of age, I fought my first fire.

I had a dream and nothing had or ever was going to get in the way of it. What I didn’t realize was that I was so caught up in the pursuit of this dream, that I had forgotten to include the Creator of the universe in the process.

What About All the Hard Work I’ve Done

So you can see that it came as a shock to me when I started to feel a push from the Lord to quit my job, and put my pursuit of a full time firefighting position on hold indefinitely to go into full time ministry. I fought and fought this push for almost 2 months. I was happier than I had ever been in my life and loved what I was doing, but I still couldn’t surrender. Full time ministry didn’t line up with my plan! What about all the hard work I’ve done?!

But the Lord told me over and over again to trust him. Finally I gave in. I broke down and cried tears of happiness for the first time in my life. Happiness that didn’t come from surrendering my dreams, but from who I was surrendering them to.

Proverbs 19: 21

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”

Disciplined and Steadfast Pursuit of the Lord

Since fully surrendering I have learned that It isn’t disciplined and steadfast pursuit of jaco beach, christian mission trip, costa rica, missions, oceans edgeyour dreams and plans that lead to true happiness and fulfillment. These things come from disciplined and steadfast pursuit of the Lord and what he has for your life.

Costa Rica Intern Preparations

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Costa Rica Intern Preparations | Emily Rypkema | Jaco beach | christian internships |missions | the edge | travel | Costa Rica | mission lifestyle | Intern

Costa Rica Intern Preparations | Emily Rypkema

¡Hola! Bienvenido, vámonos a un viaje juntos…

In just a short time I will arrive to Costa Rica so my Costa Rica intern preparations are starting to speed up.  I could try and impress you by saying that I took four years of Spanish honors in high school, but I would have to stop there: 1) that was four years ago and 2) the only thing I actually remember is “Como se dice…” (“How do you say…”) and I would finish the sentence in English. In high school, we spent more time learning about Spanish culture (i.e. eating Spanish food) than the language.

So here we are, I barely know any Spanish and I’m moving to Costa Rica. I may not be great at speaking or understanding Spanish any time soon, but I’m starting small, preparing the best I can. For the past few months I’ve been working on just getting accustomed to hearing it.

I changed my phone to Spanish mode, which has helped me see and hear everyday vocabulary–even if it stresses me out more than occasionally when I’m getting directions while driving. I’ve also been using the Duolingo app which has helped me a ton with pronunciation. If this doesn’t help, I’m just telling myself that my confused face will let everyone know I’m clueless.

God’s ultimately bringing me to Costa RicaCosta Rica Intern Preparations | Emily Rypkema | Jaco beach | christian internships |missions | the edge | travel | Costa Rica | mission lifestyle | Intern

Along with working on my Spanish, I’ve been studying Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Going through this book I have begun to love how it explains godly relationships, forgiveness, hope, and morality in a more profound yet understandable way.

A piece that has stuck with me so far is about forgiveness and what it means to “love your neighbor as yourself.” I love myself, even when I am not fond of myself. I may hate that I’m greedy and selfish but I don’t ever truly hate myself; this is how I should love my neighbor, I can hate their sins without hating them.

The most important lesson I’m learning (in a new way everyday) is to trust. God’s ultimately bringing me to Costa Rica. I’m preparing, but He’ll provide everything I need and will open doors and close others.

I’m still getting overwhelmed with the logistics sometimes. Finishing school brings a lot of anxiety and a fear of the unknown. Recently, many tears have fallen over grades and finances. During these times I have to be reminded to stop and remember His promise to care for me. Most of the time I have to try this, then try it again because it’s still hard.

I would love your encouragement and prayers throughout this journey, and if you have any tips on learning another language or book suggestions comment below!

If you want to see and hear more about the internship I am doing click here to watch a short video describing the Oceans Edge Internships